Introduce automated delivery of meals and general items in your facility

- Advanced navigation enables precise maneuverability in tight spaces​.
- AI allows the unit to adapt itself when changes occur in a delivery route​.
- Special cameras detect people and objects in its path​.
- Built-in shelf sensors tell the unit to return when empty.

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Customizable Functionality & Conversation Context

AUCARI™ offers flexible customization not only in its functionality, adapting to various industry needs, but also in its ability to engage in contextual conversations, making it a versatile solution for dynamic environments.

Automated Object Detection with Multiple Sensors

Equipped with advanced sensors, AUCARI™ ensures precise and reliable item detection on its three-layer open shelves, streamlining the delivery process.

Centralized Cloud Platform for Monitoring and Analysis

AUCARI™ utilizes a secure cloud platform to provide real-time tracking, record delivery data, and offer analytics for optimized performance, contributing to efficient and data-driven operations.

Efficiency Boost

AUCARI™ automates deliveries, easing the burden on manual labor. With smart navigation, it independently identifies and delivers items from shelves, reducing repetitive tasks and ensuring a more efficient process. This empowers your team to focus on higher-value work, boosting overall productivity.

With self-delivery, onscreen exercise demonstration, and cloud-based data capture, we're taking walk training to the next level.
With self-delivery, onscreen exercise demonstration, and cloud-based data capture, we're taking walk training to the next level.
With self-delivery, onscreen exercise demonstration, and cloud-based data capture, we're taking walk training to the next level.

Built-in Multiple Sensors Automated Objects Detection

The high-capacity three-layer open shelves are equipped with multiple sensors that can intelligently identify and deliver items.

Task Reminder and Delivery Scheduling Centralized Monitoring and Control

Delivery scheduling, reliable delivery tracking and monitoring via secure cloud platform.

Environment Perception and Obstacle Avoidance

Automated route planning and advanced navigation enable precise maneuverability in tight spaces, support door access and elevator control.

Customized Service and Cloud Platform Data Analysis

The cloud platform can accurately record delivery times, location and other data.Product appearance and functions can be customized according to customer requirements and specific scenarios.

Nursing Home

AUCARI™ enhances care in nursing homes by autonomously delivering medications and supplies, reducing nurse workload and ensuring timely and secure deliveries.

Hospital Ward

In hospital wards, AUCARI™ optimizes the efficiency of medical staff by delivering medications and essential items, contributing to streamlined workflows and patient care.

Assisted Living Facility

At assisted living facilities, AUCARI™ provides personalized and secure deliveries for the elderly, promoting independence and convenience in daily living.

Technical Indicators

57 x 60 x 143 cm
0.2 m/s to 1 m/s
Minimum Width for Passage
75 cm, to door access and elevator control systems supported
Obstacle Climbing Ability
1.5 cm high, 3.5 cm wide; with a slope angle of 5°
Lidar, ultrasonic and infrared sensors, RGBD camera, IMU
Net Weight
20 Ah.
Battery Life
8 hours (fully charged in 5 hours)
Wi-Fi, 5G, 4G
Trays Max
Load of each layer is 10 kg. The top tray can be removed to increase the distance between the upper and lower trays from 24 cm to 42 cm. The area of each tray is 42 × 41.5 cm.

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